What is Thermal Imaging

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is where the photographs or videos are made up of heat signatures rather than light. This means that you can see things that would otherwise be hidden and invisible.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are required to capture thermal photography. These look similar to a conventional camera but are much more expensive. The footage can then be downloaded to a computer using a USB cable as normal.

Uses for Thermal Imaging

There are many different uses of thermal imaging that can be used. The most commonly seen example is when the police use it to find criminals. These cameras can find the heat signature of people even if they are hiding under trees. They are regularly mounted on helicopters to help detect these people.

Other uses include finding where Electrical cables and switchgear are overheating, and finding where heat is escaping from a building. The thermal imaging picture will show you exactly which items are having problems or areas of the building which need to be improved.


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