Thermal Imaging and Electrical Testing

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Infrared thermography is the science of using electronic optical devices to detect and measure radiation and correlating that to surface temperature in the process of electrical testing. Thermography through the use of thermal imagers, can be used to perform many critical functions for commercial and industrial testing. For example, inspecting electrical equipment and troubleshooting the electrical fault finding diagnostics. Thermography is particulary effective in electrical inspection and testing because electrical failures have clear recognizable thermal signatures. Thermal exceptions appear even where visable inspection shows very little, if anything. A thermal exception is an abnormal or suspect condition that is present in equipment. However, the heat produced from high electrical resistance typically precedes electrical failures in the process of electrical testing and inspection. When one or more phases or components have a different temperature, due to issues unrelated to load normal balance, a thermal exception may be present. For example, abnormally high resistance results in heating at a connection point, but in a failed state, where the connection is not energized, components may appear cooler. 

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